Terry O'Brien

Career and High Performance Coach 

Terry O'Brien is a a qualified HR professional, a certified career and leadership coach, a lecturer and a speaker who helps people get clarity in their career and achieve success and high performance. 

Over more than 20 years, Terry has worked with hundreds of professionals across all industries, helping them succeed at work. 

He is an assistant professor at Dublin City University, where he lectures on career and personal development and how to succeed in your career.

Experienced career and high performance coach who has spent 20 years coaching clients on how to make the right decision and achieve success and happiness at work.   

Created the 5-Step CareerWell™ Framework, a process that helps you achieve happiness and success by focusing on the five elements of career wellbeing.

University lecturer who teaches cutting edge career tools and strategies to hundreds of students every year so they discover the right career direction and path.

Certified career coach who uses psychometric testing and exercises to help clients discover their unique strengths and talents so they thrive and flourish in their career. 

I'm here to help

Terry is a specialist at finding ways to make your career work for you. As a specialist in career leadership and development, he has a unique mixture of training expertise, career mentoring experience and time spent in the business world. 

Terry's passion is helping people make the right career choices and achieve their potential.

Terry works with professionals, leaders, managing directors, CEOs and public service executives, across Ireland and the UK.

Empowering people to flourish and thrive


years experience

delivering career expertise, training and coaching programmes 



coached and mentored to achieve high performance and success


career assessments

exercises, tests and questionnaires completed with clients

"Terry brings you on a journey from being unsure and confused about your future career, to a state of self-awareness and an understanding of your strengths and talents. This makes you confident about your choices and assists you in developing a clear career plan".

chris clancy, management consultant

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