Dwelling on your weaknesses could leave you stressed, struggling and unfulfilled at work. But focusing on your unique strengths instead could help you find a more rewarding career.

Why effective career planning starts with your unique strengths

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Here are 5 insights to prepare for a senior interview and show you are a perfect fit for the job.

5 Tips to Succeed at Senior Level Interviews  

Job hunting is hard — especially if you’re making any of these 5 job hunting mistakes. In this article, I’ll reveal my approach for getting results, fast — no matter what job you want or wherever you are at in your career.

Struggling to Find a Job? Avoid these 5 Job Hunting Mistakes

Need expert help? 

The process

A Proven 5-Step Process to Find Your Ideal Job

The Coaching programme is designed to turn your career around and get amazing results

The programme includes 5 key phases to bring you on a journey to discover what you want and find a new role that brings you the fulfilment and joy you're looking for.

phase 1
The Opportunity 

A deep dive into understanding what has influenced your past career choices and what might be holding you back. Unfold unexplored opportunities and get a glimpse at the exciting changes and opportunities that await.

phase 3
Define Your Ideal Career

This phase builds on the knowledge gathered in phase 2.  We use it to create a vision of the ideal career that fits with your life. We map out the type of work you’d like, your ideal working conditions, your ideal company or employment situation, ideal working arrangements. We create a clear and exciting vision that meets your needs and your lifestyle.

phase 2
Uncover Your Talents

This is where we start building a picture of YOU and your UNIQUE CAREER. It’s an exciting stage because it focuses solely on what makes you tick. We map out your unique strengths, abilities, motivators, values, passions and interests. It’s where we define your unique talents and start to see the things that light you up.

phase 4
Explore x

This is an important phase, where you research and explore new career options to suit your vision. We tap into old and new ideas and open up a world of new possibilities and opportunities. The final step in this phase is to decide on a UNIQUE path that meets all your needs.

phase 5
Land Your New job

Once you’ve decided on an exciting direction, we start the final phase. This is where you turn your vision and dream into reality. We work together to develop a compelling story and make you the ideal candidate for your dream job. We use hidden job hunting tactics and polish your CV, LinkedIn and cover letter to land interviews. I will prepare you for interview so you build strong relationships and communicate with confidence.