There is an Ideal Career for Everyone

Let me help you discover yours with 1:1 Career Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your career and don't know what to do?

Having a solid job with a good job title doesn’t necessarily mean you are happy or fulfilled. I meet people every day who feel stuck in their job feeling demotivated and unfulfilled. Without a clear plan they struggle to find the right direction.

You want to feel energized and enjoy going to work every day. 

Let me help you discover options that energize and motivate you

Imagine you were in a job you loved that suited your unique talents and interests. I work 1:1 with people who want to discover and find a job they truly enjoy. You can you achieve this with the career BEST-FIT framework. 

Discover your BEST-FIT career that matches your talents and needs 


Discover your strengths & talents

Clarify your strengths, interests and map out the kind of role that suits you best.


Identify options that match

Explore new options, roles and companies that suit your unique talents and needs 


Enjoy a career you love

Use proven strategies to find your ideal job and company that fits with you and your life.

Career Breakthrough Coaching


  • Half-day coaching to discover new exciting career options
  • Discover what matters most to you by completing a series of career assessments
  • Identify your strengths & talents and "best-fit" options to match 
  • Breakthrough with an exciting career plan for your future 

Book a call with Terry

Book a complimentary call to discuss how Terry can help you break through and discover your best-fit career 

"I was in the same job for 15 years and was feeling completely trapped. Terry helped to get me moving and get clear on what I liked and disliked. I successfully made changes in my career and now I feel more energized than I've ever felt in my life!"

jennifer doyle

I get it. Discovering new, realistic career options is difficult.

I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Here's how it works

Step 1
Get in touch 

Reach out to schedule a free call with Terry to discuss your career and how you can work together to find  options that truly motivate and excite you. 

Step 2 
Fill out career assessments 

Complete your career assessments to uncover what matters most to you in your career. You will gain in-depth insight into your (i) strengths (ii) values (iii) motivators (iv) lifestyle and more.

Step 3 
Get coaching & clear direction

Together we will discuss the results of your career assessments, identify potential new career options and the next steps to land your ideal job.   

So many people stay stuck in careers they don't enjoy

Why? Because they are unsure how to make a change and find the right option. I am on a mission to change this, so everyone gets clarity to make the right choice, make changes and finds the true happiness they deserve. If you're feeling stuck or unsure in your career, schedule a call and let's talk to see how we can create your ideal career.         

Let's work together