Career Guidance 

Helping students and graduates choose college courses and careers 


Choosing a college course can be overwhelming for students and parents

Every year, I meet students and graduates who are unhappy in college or at work and want to start over. They are frustrated because they picked the wrong course and career.

But don't worry, there's an easy way to get you on track. I have provided career guidance to hundreds of students, graduates and professional helping them find the right path.

Start by discovering what you really want

There are so many great college courses and careers to choose from. Students wants to feel positive and confident making their choice. The secret is to take the time to discover your natural talents, interests and motivators.  And choose a course and career that matches your needs.  

  • "I should have got career guidance years ago" 
  • "This explains why I want to work with people"
  • "I never understood myself until now."

3-steps to help students choose the right college course and career  

Phase 1

Assessments and Questionnaires

  •  Complete questionnaires to identify your talents, interests, strengths and potential. 
  • Discover what makes you happy, what motivates you and what you enjoy doing. 

Phase 2

One-to-One Coaching and Feedback

  • A 3 hour career guidance session to delve into your likes, dislikes, strengths, talents and interests. 
  • Create a list of potential courses and career options that interest you.

Phase 3

Make a Decision and Action Plan 

  • Decide what courses and careers interest you most and an action plan for your future. 
  • This is followed by a debrief with parents (optional).


Career Guidance Package

Half day coaching + career assessments + action plan


  • Discover your strengths, interests and motivators
  • Identify the career areas you are most interested in 
  • Identify the career areas you are most interested in 
  • Identify subjects, courses and CAO options that suit you best
  • Create a plan for testing and exploring areas further

For over 20 years, I have helped students and graduates make the right career choices

"I was confused and unsure which career path to take after failing to gain entry to my dream course. From my session with Terry, I gained the confidence and clarity to pursue my goal and I am now excited to start studying the course I always wanted. I would highly recommend Terry as a career counsellor."



How to Get Started

Introductory Call

Contact Terry to arrange an introductory call with parents to discuss career guidance requirements

Assessment Phase

Students complete the assessments & questionnaires at home prior to meeting Terry

Make a Decision

Half-day coaching to explore options and make a decision on the right college course and career

Career guidance to help students thrive and flourish 

Get career guidance to choose the right course, and enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling career