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Launch a Job Search that Gets Job Offers Fast 

Are you endlessly applying for jobs online and getting no offers?

People think that searching for a job in today’s market is easy. From my experience of coaching hundreds of people, I know it’s not an easy task. So, I understand exactly how its feels.

Without the right tactics, its difficult to stand out from the crowd

Are you sending the same CV to every job without tailoring your application? Have you optimized your LinkedIn for best results? Are you clear about your ideal job and the ideal company you'd like to work for? So many people are unsure and make mistakes that sabotage their job search.

Take control of your job search and get results with a proven 5-step process

Access this 5-step process that breaks job hunting into simple easy steps. I'll guide you from start to finish so you don't have to go it alone.


Clarify What You Want

Get 100% clear about the specific job roles you are suited to and want to apply for. This will make your job search 100% more focused and successful. 


Write A CV and Cover Letter  that Stands Out 

Create a CV and cover letter tailored to each role and position yourself as the best person for any job.


Build your LinkedIn Network  

Expand your contacts on LinkedIn and use referrals to get the job you want.


Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

Access the unadvertised job market that’s full of opportunities and hidden jobs.


Build Your Interview Confidence

Prepare your message and gain the confidence to succeed at interview

Job Search Programme

Everything you need to land a job fast 


  • Half-day coaching to fast track your job search
  •  Get clarity on your ideal job and how to tap into the hidden job market 
  • Audit and improve your CV and Cover letter
  • Audit and improve your LinkedIn profile to attract attention
  • Mock interview to build confidence and success
  • New job hunt plan tailored to get your ideal job

CV & LinkedIn Review


  • 2-hour coaching session to fast track your job search 
  • Audit and improve your CV and cover letter 
  • Audit and improve your LinkedIn profile to attract attention
  •  Review your job hunt plan

I get it. Finding a job in a competitive market can be overwhelming.

That's why I've helped thousands of people prepare for interview and find the right jobs.

aaron lewis

Terry understands the challenges of job hunters 

Terry’s knowledge in careers is evident in his ability to come up with solutions in an ever-changing environment. His course allowed me to focus on the skills that I needed to improve. This information gave me what I needed to improve my CV and my approach to interviews, giving me a new-found confidence.

lydia velia

Terry's advice helped me land the perfect job

Terry spells positivity, enthusiasm and trustworthiness. He gave me a new perspective on the working world and how my career can be a way of fulfilling myself. His tips have been instrumental in landing my current job as a Project Manager. Whatever your career goals, Terry is the person to help you.

How it works

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Beat the competition and land job offers fast

Before going full time into career coaching, I ran my own recruitment business in Dublin where I helped thousands of people prepare for interviews and find jobs. I’m passionate about the work I do and the people I help. If you need help finding the right job, I'd be delighted to work with you.

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