Senior Executives

Strategic career development for senior managers and c-suite executives

Uncertain about your next career move?

Your path to your next senior role is a significant moment. Whether you're going for a senior promotion or making a pivotal career decision, the path ahead can be both exciting and daunting.

Empowering your journey to leadership success

I'm Terry O'Brien, an expert with over two decades of experience in empowering senior leaders to chart their path to success. My goal is simple. To equip you for success in securing your next leadership role.

Supporting you at each stage of your career transition

With three tailored programmes to meet your unique transition needs

Career Strategy 

A bespoke programme for professionals who are uncertain about their next career move

  • Get clarity and strategic direction to guide you in navigating the path to your next fulfilling role

  • Make your next career move with confidence and clarity

Strategic Job Search

Elevate your job search to secure your next senior role

  • Work with Terry to refine your career vision and optimize your professional branding
  • Identify tailored job opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations. 

Senior Interviews

A tailored approach to succeed at senior interviews

  • Bespoke interview training to address the unique challenges faced by senior professionals
  • Elevate your interview presence, ensuring you not only meet but exceed the expectations for senior level roles

 CareerWell™ Leadership

At the core of the programmes is CareerWell™ Leadership, the foundation of a high performing career.

There are four pillars that act as a platform for successful leadership. We will work on each area to gain clarity and create a path to success and high performance.

Self Awareness

Career Leadership and Wellbeing

Career Vision and Strategy

Action Planning

Your Career Leadership Mentor

Terry brings 20 years practical experience as a business owner, career and leadership consultant and University lecturer on careers and personal development. He is passionate about helping people achieve success in their careers.


He played a pivotal role in establishing the “Go Global 4 Growth” programme with Enterprise Ireland, a leading Management Development initiative for 500+ C-Suite leaders in Irish SME’s.

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