Client Testimonials

"Terry’s support and encouragement helped me clarify the direction I wanted to take" 

Terry is an excellent Career Mentor who supported and helped me on my career journey. When I met Terry, I had experience in project management but wanted to transition to a new career area. He helped me get the clarity I needed to identify new career ideas and choices available to me. Thanks to his advice, I chose to specialise in data analytics and visualisation, and I am very happy with this. Terry’s support and encouragement helped me clarify the career direction I wanted to take, and I am grateful for his guidance and help.

- M. Ali Erol

"Terry helps you create a clear career plan and achieve your full potential."

Everything that Terry does aims at assisting people clarify their career direction and to achieve their full potential. Terry brings you on a journey of self-discovery from a position of being unsure and confused about your future careers, to a state of self-awareness and an understanding of your strengths and talents. This makes you confident about your choices and assists you in developing a clear career plan. I would strongly recommend Terry to anyone who wishes to analyse and maximise their career and personal development.

- Chris Clancy

"Terry has a great ability to cut through the confusion and noise."

Before I met Terry, I has a sense of directionless and inability to match my own career ambitions within the existing job market. Terry has a great ability to cut through the confusion and noise and lay out concrete career plans that match real world developments. I got a good understanding of the career opportunities that were available to me and the sectors that best met my existing skillset and ambitions. I have gained the confidence to create a concrete career plan, because of the coaching with Terry. If you are looking for effective and practical guidance, I recommend Terry.

- James 

"Terry is very helpful and inspirational."
“Terry is an expert career mentor with exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching, and motivation. Having had the pleasure of working with Terry, I can say that Terry is very helpful, inspirational and helped me move my career forward.”

- Mirza Saad Beg

"Thanks to Terry, I went into my interview feeling fully prepared and confident."

I am incredibly thankful for Terry's in-depth knowledge of how competency interviews work and how to score highly in them. His expertise made all the difference in my preparation and success. Thanks to his expert advice and supportive approach, I went into my interview feeling fully prepared and confident, resulting in a successful outcome. I can't recommend Terry enough for anyone looking to excel in a competency based interview.

- Jennifer, Public Sector   

"Terry helps you instil a self-confidence in yourself to go and fight for what you want."

Terry will make you ask yourself the hard questions, which can be beneficial to you if you are really prepared to listen to and develop on the answers you get back. Terry really helps you to become true to yourself so that you can develop a correct career path for yourself and he also helps to instil a self-confidence in you to go and fight for what you want. Without Terry’s input I believe I would not be as assured of myself and my career decisions as I am now.

- J. Prendergast 

"I loved how Terry took the time to understand what I wanted and helped me achieve my goals"

I was confused and unsure which career path to take after failing to gain entry to my dream course. From my session with Terry, I gained the confidence and clarity to pursue my goal and I am now excited to start studying the course I always wanted. Terry broadened my perspective by revealing many different options and alternative routes to achieve my goal. I loved how Terry took the time to understand what I wanted and worked with me to help achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Terry as a career counsellor.

- Aine Aspel, Student

"Whatever your career goals, Terry is the person to help you".

Terry spells positivity, enthusiasm and trustworthiness. His course gave me a new perspective on the working world and how my career can be a way of fulfilling myself. Terry inspired me to make myself more ‘marketable’ in the jobs arena. His tips have been instrumental in landing my current job as a Project Manager. Whatever your career goals, just go and talk to him. It equates to making an investment in yourself. The only thing I regret is not approaching Terry earlier. I encourage others not to make my same mistake and think that things will happen eventually.

- Lydia Velia, Project Manager

"I was successful at interview and Terry's coaching played a big role in this" 

When I met Terry, I had applied for a senior role in my organisation. I was overthinking things, lacking in focus and lacking in confidence.  After an afternoon with Terry, I was in a much better position. There was still a lot of work to do for me to do in my preparation for the interview but Terry gave me a roadmap to plan and structure this. He helped me draw out the best examples of my skills and experience to use - and kept reminding me to focus on what the interview panel needed to know.

I was ultimately successful in the interview and have been in this job for several months now. Terry's coaching played a big role in this while also teaching me skills that will serve me well in future interviews. I would strongly recommend Terry as he's highly focused on understanding his client's needs and tailors his coaching to address this, while also being affable and easy to work with.

- Jack H.

"Terry helped me figure out what career path I would like to take"

“Terry is a great mentor who is very approachable and genuine, and very generous with his time. He provided me with support and guidance that greatly helped me figure out what career path I would like to take. His help and support along with his enthusiasm is greatly appreciated.”

- Dearbhla Egan

"My son hasn’t looked back. We wholeheartedly recommend Terry".

We first made contact with Terry in the summer of 2021 before my son began the final year of his degree course in UCC. He knew the prospects of finding employment would be much better if he continued to study for a masters degree. However, he was unsure about the specific one to pursue. Both he and I met with Terry and can recommend wholeheartedly Terry’s holistic approach to his work. My son’s ideas about his future and his interests/hobbies were analysed, discussed and debated at length and in depth with pertinent questions, Terry’s reflective and unique style. Various options for study going forward were then outlined. The pros and cons around the availability of employment having completed those degrees were explained in great detail.

My son was left not only with much food for thought but also with great clarity as to where each route would lead. He had a few things to tick off, on a to do list before finally deciding, such as seeking work experience in a few related areas. He found it vary advantageous to seek the advice prior to starting that final year as it was a very busy year, not to mention the time necessary to learn how to and make applications. We made contact again with Terry in the Springtime of 2022 for his advice based on great expertise around the etiquette and questions which may be asked at the interview stage when trying to successfully access the chosen course. My son hasn’t looked back. We wholeheartedly recommend Terry.

- Mother and Son

"Terry is very driven to help people develop and grow as individuals."

I felt overwhelmed by the various job sites and approaches that that were open to me to find a job. I was unsure which approach would prove most fruitful. After Terry's course, I felt much more knowledgeable in relation to what sites I should be using but more importantly what other strategies I should use. Terry provided a complete overview of the job-hunting journey. He was able to break down what seemed to me to be a very complicated and arduous task into something that was very straight-forward.
Terry is an extremely charismatic individual who is very driven to help people develop and grow as individuals. One of Terry’s most impressive traits is his ability to help people come to understand their own individual career journey for themselves. This is a unique talent and one which I believe Terry has honed through years of experience. 

- Jack Larkin

"Terry changed my perspective on job hunting."

Terry is encouraging and insightful. He brings out the best in people. He is energetic and innovative. His focus is to teach people to take ownership and responsibility for their own learning and to give them the tools and abilities to do that. Terry’s course changed my perspective on job hunting. I started to see interviews as a way to determine whether a company was somewhere I would want to work. Beforehand, I was so focused on convincing them that I was the right person for the job, without giving much thought to finding out whether they were right for me.

He’s a great teacher, someone who can translate academia into understandable, relatable language and use it for something practical. Nothing is a negative with Terry, he will find a way to turn any negative into something constructive.

- Lorna Christie